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Palcan Power and Jiangsu University: Developing Strategic Industry-university Partnership
Source:    Date: 01.04.2022    Viewed: times

 Recently, Palcan Power Corporation (hereafter ‘Palcan Power’), a subsidiary of Palcan Energy Corporation (hereafter ‘Palcan Energy’), has officially launched its strategic industry-university partnership with Jiangsu University. Yuan Shouqi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu University, and Dr. John Shen, Chairman of Palcan Energy, attended the inauguration ceremony and unveiled the Industry-University Cooperative Research Center. Together, the two parties will accelerate the research in critical technologies in "hydrogen generation from methanol-reforming for fuel cell in-vehicle applications," joint project applications, and cultivate high potential talents.

During the ceremony, Dr. John Shen was invited as the industrial supervisor for full-time graduate students in Jiangsu University, while Dr. Yu Jiao, Deputy General Manager and Chief Scientist of Suzhou Hydrogen Power, is invited as a guest professor in Jiangsu University.

Inauguration Ceremony of Industry–University Cooperative Research Center

Established in 2009, Palcan Power is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Palcan Energy. It is also the first high-tech enterprise engaged in "technologies of hydrogen generation from methanol-reforming for fuel cell applications" in China. The company has profound technical resources and cutting-edge technologies and batch production capacities in crucial components, including but not limited to high-temperature membrane electrodes, one-time compression molded graphite bipolar plates, high-temperature fuel cells, high-temperature stacks, and micro reforming reactors.


As of 2021, the company has obtained nearly 100 patents, including 2 international patents, 13 national patents, and 67 utility model patents. Palcan Power's "hydrogen generation from methanol-reforming for fuel cell applications" has been recognized as "internationally leading technology" by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and won the first prize of province-level and ministry-level sci-tech awards.

Institute for Energy Research of Jiangsu University

The Institute for Energy Research of Jiangsu University focuses on advanced hydrogen energy, fuel cells, and high-efficiency energy storage technologies. It is the home to "Key Laboratory of Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell, Federation of Chemical Industry," "Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Power Machinery Clean Energy and Application," "Jiangsu Provincial Research Center in High-efficiency Energy Storage Technologies and Equipment," and many other leading platforms. All have materialized their industry-university results into reality.