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Green Building Demo
Source:    Date: 06.03.2021    Viewed: times

The "GREEN" of "Green Building" does not refer to the general sense of 3D greening and roof garden, Its essential requirement is that buildings are harmless to the environment and make full use of natural resources. From the lighting, ventilation, power generation, drainage and other parts to control the damage to the environment, reduce the environmental load. That is to save energy and keep safety, healthy, comfortable, realize the sustainable development.

Recently, the green building demonstration project was successfully launched by PALCAN, Shanghai Jing'an carbon neutral Research Institute and Lanhai Yongle (Jiangsu) new materials Co., Ltd.. We have built a “Grid + Photovoltaic + Hydrogen Fuel Cell” integrated power supply system which can realize independent power supply.


"Methanol Reforming Hydrogen Fuel Cell" won the "First Prize for Scientific and Technological Invention". It can start-up minus 40 ℃ without carbon emission. It can make up for the shortcomings of gasoline and diesel generators and lithium batteries in power generation and storage.


The energy expert of China Energy pointed out: "the "Methanol Reforming Hydrogen Fuel Cell can make up for the defects of photovoltaic power generation. The combination of the two systems has a huge market, which also provides a new solution for China's carbon neutral.”