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Palcan and Dr. John Shen Won the First Prize of Technological Invention
Source:    Date: 01.21.2021    Viewed: times

Recently, palcan Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and its founder Dr. Shen won the first prize of Technological Invention Award issued by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.

This is the support of the government and industry for the company. Since 1998, with professional knowledge and innovative spirit, we have successfully developed a variety of methanol reforming hydrogen fuel cell systems, and independently mastered the proprietary technology and core components such as stack, bipolar plate and reformer.  The technology of "Methanol Reforming Hydrogen Production and Hybrid Fuel Cell System " won the first prize of scientific and technological invention. In addition, we have 2 international invention patents, 13 domestic invention patents, 59 utility model patents and 2 software copyrights. There are still 24 invention patents and 11 utility model patents in the process of application.