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Guideline to Attend AsiaHFC2020.
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  • Time:2020.10.27-28.
  • Location: Hangzhou International Expo Center.
  • Booth number:TA65.
  • On the morning of 28 October Keynote speaker: Dr. Shen Jian Yue
  • Contact Info: 0512-53986898
  • Email: 

Shanghai Palcan New Energy and Technology Corporation is inherited by Palcan Energy Corporation, founded by Dr. John Shen in 1998, Canada. It is one of the company that consistently contributes to fuel cell theories, technology innovation, and the application. 

The company mainly focuses on research and application in hydrogen fuel cells over 20 years. We have finally formed hydrogen fuel cells with a technical route that can be commercialized and suited for many countries' current demands.

Palcan has the capability and strength to develop and produce the Methanol Reforming Fuel Cell (PRFC) from hundreds of watts to thousands of watts. 
Products’ applications are as follows: 
Backup Power
New Energy Vehicles
Distributed Power
The company provides highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and economic methanol-reforming fuel cell technology. 

Dr. Shen Jian Yue, the founder and chairman of the Palcan, is currently the drafting member of international (ISO) hydrogen energy standard and the advisory member of the Canadian National Research Institute (NRC). He is a world-famous hydrogen expert. He won the title of 30 prominent people in the field of the global fuel cell, 100 overseas Chinese outstanding entrepreneurship award bestowed by overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, top 10 people in the new energy sector in the year 2018 jointly awarded by China daily (newspaper) and (China energy and Economic Research Institute), and “special tribute” by international methanol automobile and methanol fuel Application Conference. 

Dr. Shen Jian Yue devoted his whole life to the technical research, product development, and industrialization of hydrogen fuel cells. In 1998, he officially started the industrial (R&D) and production of hydrogen energy fuel cells and established Palcan Energy Corporation in Canada. 
In 2008, the company shifted its main business and core technology back to China. It continued to carry out the (R & D), production, manufacturing, and promotion of hydrogen energy fuel cells. 

At present, Shanghai Palcan holds several firms, forming a complete arrangement from (R &D), pilot test to mass production. It has a strong technical reserve in methanol-reforming hydrogen fuel cells, including 02 international invention patents, 13 invention patents, 59 application model patents, two software copyright, 24 applications for invention patents, and 11 patents being applied for application models. At present, Palcan is the only company with the Ministry of industry’s proclamation and information technology in China. The company has two refined products; high-power new products are in the qualitative stage of research and development.