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2016 March : Working with DongFeng
Source:Palcan Energy Corporation.    Date: 05.10.2019    Viewed: times

Palcan Energy Corporation and DonFeng (Largest delivery goods vehicle manufacturer and 2nd largest car manufacturer in China), have joined efforts to fulfill the Chinese Government mandate to develop clean energy vehicles.

DongFeng Electric Delivery Goods Vehicle is using now Palcan technology "Methanol FCEV, "The greatest combination in transportation industry". With 20 years experience in Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technologies, Palcan has a deep and wide knowledge and understanding of the EV Industry, which makes Palcan as a master in FCEV industry to provide suitable solution in North America, Europe and China who collectively are playing a major role to create a greener world.

The FCEV is combination preference of the Chinese automobile industry's to meet the EV challenges; mileage limitation, costly charging station infrastructure, long recharging time, short life cycle and heavy batteries. These challenges are minimized with Palcan's methanol FCEV.

Advantages: Self recharges EV batteries directly, minimal refueling time of 2-3 min (Methanol 60% + Water 40%), low charging helps extend battery life and also reduce of batteries, mileage is extended typically by twice the distance with a standard methanol tank, no need for battery charging stations or H2 Stations.