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Multi-Scene Exploration
Source:    Date: 05.25.2021    Viewed: times

Although the global economy has been severely impacted by the epidemic. The development of history will not stop. After the 14th five year plan, CARBON EMISSION REDUCTION has become the topic. Carbon Neutrality has become an important historical goal of China's sustainable development.


In the first half of the year, at many national conferences, PALCAN attracted the attention of media, and received cooperation invitation from many upstream and downstream related products. We are also actively exploring multi-format and multi-scene cooperation.


In the early April, at the China (Shanghai) international technology Fair, PALCAN and Tongji University jointly developed the scientific research project of "Mobile Intelligent Hospital". It solves the problem of electricity use difficulty in severe environment, and provided the living guarantee for patients.

At the end of April, the unmanned ship of methanol reforming hydrogen fuel cell was launched for trial. According to the physical characteristics of methanol, Energy experts support methanol as the main energy option in the future. Methanol has shown its potential to become a future marine fuel due to its advantages of cleanness, environmental protection and availability.

On May 17, at the second International Conference on electrochemical energy system, PALCAN released its first " Sodium ion battery-Methanol reforming hydrogen fuel cell-Integrated energy system ".

We are looking forward to more exchanges and cooperation with companies all over the world.