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2015 November : Palcan and Skywell build 1st Methanol Fuel Cell-Electric Bus in China
Source:Palcan Energy Corporation.    Date: 05.10.2019    Viewed: times

Palcan Energy Corporation and Skywell Electric Vehicle Company have been working together in developing of new concept of Vehicle in China " Methanol Fuel Cell-Electric Vehicle".

Palcan Energy Corporation is the first company to introduce Methanol Fuel Cell Electric powered Vehicle (FCEV) to China. China is leading the world to reduce fossil fuel use by mandating that no less than 30% of China's bus fleets

be all electric by 2020.

The EV market is growing and the market will grown even faster with FCEV as FCEV deliver advantages that EV alone don't. The more EV the faster the "shift" from fossil fuels to a cleaner "hydrogen economy". Palcan's methanol FCEV is making possible this paradigm shift.